Jarritos Perfect Sippers, 1-Pack (30 Straws in Total)


Regular price $4.49
Looking for a fun way to enjoy your Jarritos Mexican Soda? Look no further than these Jarritos Perfect Sippers. Designed to perfectly complement your favorite Jarritos sodas, these disposable straws are sized to fit. They are extra long so they reach all the way to the bottom of the bottle with room left over at the top. They even come with cool paper charms attached to make drinking your soda more exciting. These Jarritos Straws are sold as a 30-pack so you always have a straw handy when you need one.
  • PERFECTLY SIZED: The Jarritos Perfect Sippers are made specifically for use when drinking Jarritos Mexican Soda. They are designed extra long so they reach the bottom of the bottle.
  • 30-PACK: This offer is for a 30-pack of Perfect Sippers. Never drink another Jarritos Mexican Soda again without a Perfect Sipper straw.
  • FUN: Jarritos Perfect Sippers feature a paper charm at the top of each straw. This makes using them lots of fun.
  • MULTI-COLORED: These Jarritos Straws come in a variety of colors. Match the straw color to your favorite flavor soda for color-coordinating excitement.
  • DISPOSABLE: Jarritos Perfect Sippers Straws are disposable. When done drinking your soda, simply toss the straw in the garbage.

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